Can I surrender my guinea pig to Petco?

Can I surrender my guinea pig to Petco?

When dozens of guinea pigs are surrendered at a local shelter, one Petco store opens its doors–and offices–to help. … Petco associates help an Arizona guinea pig rescue save dozens of guinea pigs, many of which are available for adoption.

Can I set my guinea pig free?

Roaming free outside can provide a modern guinea pig the opportunity to forage for natural vegetation but leaves him vulnerable to predators. You can let a guinea pig roam free inside your house for exercise.

How do you get rid of unwanted guinea pigs?

Dry the cage completely with towels or a hair dryer. Sprinkle the bottom of the cage with a bit of baking soda—this will help absorb odors and keep the offensive scents to a minimum.

Will Petco take unwanted pets?

Petco does not sell cats or dogs. … Either way, Petco's policy is not to turn away an animal it has adopted or sold out. If you cannot keep your rabbit for example, Petco will take the animal back and try to rehome it.

Does PetSmart buy guinea pigs?

PetSmart stores cannot match the price below for this pet. … These gentle, social companion pets will enjoy the companionship of another guinea pig (if you have two, house only same gender pairs), as well as interaction with their Pet Parents.

Does the Humane Society take guinea pigs?

Sometimes homes that don't allow dogs and cats will allow a small animal that lives in a habitat. … Right now, the Pasadena Humane Society alone has 15 animals in their critter room waiting for families including rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats.

How much do guinea pigs cost?

The price of the actual guinea pig can range from $10 to $40. Some people prefer to get their guinea pigs from breeders. You can get your guinea pig from a rescue shelter or a humane society, or simply purchase him (or her) from a pet store.

Can you sell guinea pigs to pet stores?

For clarification purposes here, you don't "adopt" guinea pigs at pet stores. You buy them. The way you adopt pigs is to go to a shelter or a rescue. Pet stores are businesses and as I stated earlier, all the live animals carried in pet stores are merchandise.

Can you keep guinea pigs outside?

Can Guinea Pigs live outside? Yes, Guinea Pigs can live outside all year long, however, if you choose to keep your piggy outside during the winter, you must ensure his hutch is protected from the cold, wind and rain. Guinea Pigs are sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Does Petco take hamsters?

Petco does not sell cats or dogs. … When it comes to aquatics or companion pets (Hamster, guniea pigs, rabbits, etc) it depends on if the store is SELLING the animal or if they are ADOPTING it out. Many Petco's now also team up with small animal and reptile groups so that their animals are for adoption, not to be sold.

What is an open door animal shelter?

Most communities have at least one "open door" or open admission shelter. This usually means they accept all lost and stray animals, regardless of breed, age or health. Many communities also have limited admission shelters which usually describe themselves as "no kill" because it sounds better.

Where can I take unwanted hamsters?

Call around and find out if you have an animal shelter or pet rescue facility in your area that will either take your hamster or help you network with other animal lovers to find the right new home for him.