What does cajas de carton mean?

What does cajas de carton mean?

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What is the theme of cajas de carton?

The winner of numerous literary awards and the first in a series of three, the book illuminates the realities of migrant life through the eyes of wise and observant protagonist young Panchito, and shares a universal story of hope, faith, and endurance.

What happened at the end of cajas de carton?

Climax: The family luckily escapes La Migra and now live at Santa Maria 3/4th’s of the year. The family gets better jobs and all of the kids now go to the school. Ending : Robers is at school and so is his oldest brother, La Migra shows up at his class. La Migra walks up to him and tells him to get his belongings.

What is the narrator’s name in cajas de carton?


What did Panchito do with his prize winning drawing of a butterfly?

Panchito’s first grade friend at Main Street School in Santa Maria. He was one of the boys that knew a little Spanish. Later they became friend and Panchito gave him his award winning Butterfly drawing.

What is Francisco’s first memory of la migra?

What happens id La Migra does a raid of the Labor camps? Francisco’s first raid of La Migra was when he was playing marbles and someone started shouting La Migra. They started to take people away and most likely deport them back.

Who is La Migra?

“La migra”, a slang term for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or other immigration law enforcement agencies.

Why does Francisco say he hasn’t earned his own cotton sack yet?

Francisco understands that he hasn’t yet earned his own sack. Francisco is taken aback when he discovers how difficult it is to work in the freezing cold, and he ends up making a series of bad decisions that worsen his situation. Clearly, he isn’t yet physically or emotionally strong enough to have his own cotton sack.

How old is Panchito in the circuit?

eleven year old

What does Mr Lema do that causes Panchito to feel dizzy?

In “The Circuit,” what does Mr. Lema do that causes Panchito to feel dizzy? Mr. Lema asks Panchito to read from an English book.

What is the main idea of the circuit?

Change and Instability. The Circuit, a collection of autobiographical linked stories by Francisco Jiménez, follows the Jiménez family as they weather one big life change after another, starting with their move to California from Mexico in search of a better life.

Who is Mr Lema?

Mr. Lema is Francisco’s sixth-grade teacher when Francisco briefly attends a school in Fresno, California. Mr. Lema makes a big impact on Francisco’s life since he is very friendly and welcoming, and he helps Francisco with his English during their lunch breaks every day.

Why does the narrator Panchito consider Mr Lema his best friend?

Panchito considers Mr. Lema his best friend because he was very helpful and supportive to him. Mr. Lema would help him with English at lunch and help him play an instrument.

Why won’t Panchito play the trumpet?

Why won’t Panchito learn to play the trumpet? Panchito will not learn to play the trumpet because they have to move again. What is the circuit? The circuit is a loop or circle.

What kind of work does Panchitos family do?

Panchito, a young migrant farm worker in Francisco Jiménez’s story “The Circuit” has to move often. Migrant worker families can never live too long in one place. They must go wherever the work is. They find jobs picking fruit, harvesting crops, or doing manual labor.

Why are Panchitos little brothers and sisters?

Panchito is the nickname of the character Fransisco from the short story Circuit. Panchito is boy from migrant Mexican family in USA. Panchito’s little brothers and sisters are very glad to see him because they are excited to be moving on. So the answer is option C

What is the one sure and constant thing in Panchito’s life?

The officials have found out that Roberto does not go to school. What is the one sure and constant thing in Panchito’s life? Panchito and his brother have to hide from a school bus. Panchito goes to work in the fields with his father and brother.

What is the best thing that happens to Panchito on the last day of school?

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Question Answer
What was the best thing that happened to panchito on his last day of school? what was the worst? the best thing was that Mr. Lema was going to teach him to play the trumpet. the worst was that panchito had to continue the cycle, by moving.

When he is told to read in class what does Panchito realize?

In the statement “When he is told to read in class, what does panchito realize…” Panchito has to read in class but he couldn’t read appropriately because he had not practiced enough. Then, Panchito discovered some unfamiliar words in the text. As a result, Panchito felt disturbed when he was trying to read aloud

Why did Panchito and Roberto hide from the school bus?

Because of their life on the circuit, Panchito and Roberto are unable to attend school regularly like most kids their age. As they work in the vineyard, they hide when they see a school bus approaching because they do not want to get in trouble for not going to school.

Who befriends Panchito at school in the circuit?

Mr. Lema

What is the climax in the circuit?

Mr. L is an awesome teacher and he gets Francisco stoked about learning English. They only spend a wee bit of time together, but Mr. In fact, Francisco will never be the same again, so even though it’s not super obvious, that’s how we know this is the climax.

What is the main conflict in the circuit and how is it resolved?

The main conflict is that the narrator wishes to go to school and fit in rather than work; it is resolved when he finds a kind teacher who helps him just before learning that his family must move again

What is the falling action of the circuit?

Falling action occurs right after the climax, when the main problem of the story resolves. It is one of the elements of the plot of the story, the other elements being exposition, rising action, climax, and resolution.