How do you remove a pulley from a shaft with a key?

How do you remove a pulley from a shaft with a key?

To tighten the screw at the end of the gear puller, use the sockets wrench. Continue until the pulley is free. You can try to loosen the pulley by hitting the exposed end with a hammer.

How do you remove a keyed pulley?

Use the socket wrench to tighten the screw at the end of the gear puller until the screw touches the pulley shaft. Continue turning until the pulley can slide free. You can strike the exposed end of the gear puller with a hammer to try to loosen the pulley.

How do you take keys out of a keyway?

Using a punch the same size as the end of the key, tap the end of the key upward by tilting the punch. When the far end of the key hits the inner ring of the bearing, it can’t go any further and it will pivot at that end, lifting out of the keyway.

How do I remove a shaft from a key?

The normal way to remove the key is to use a small cold chisel to impact the edge of the key in order to force it from its slot in the shaft. The exposed end of the key can be ground with a die grinder so that a “v” grove is formed in the end of the key.

How do you remove an axle key?

What is a shaft key?

The shaft Key is a small metallic component that plays a major role in connecting the shaft and hub with another rotational component such as gears, bearings, etc. Shaft keys are always parallel to the axial of the shaft. There are several types of shaft keys.

How do you remove a Woodruff pulley key?

Remove the Woodruff key. On the freed pulley, locate the semicircular shape in the shaft. This is the key and it can be removed by gripping the sides with pliers or wedging one end with a screwdriver. The key may be stuck.

Can a pulley puller be used to pull pulleys?

Pulley Pulling a Pulley using a Pulley Puller to Pull the Pulley | How to use a Pulley Puller – YouTube Yes, I just made this video for the name.

What’s the best way to remove a car key?

You can try to tap out the key with a chisel or pin puncher. You can also quickly heat up the key with a torch and try to remove it again when it cools. You can also drill into it and use a screw or other device to take it out. Whatever you do, avoid damaging the shaft around the key.

Can you remove a key from a lawn mower?

These keys are found in motorized devices such as lawn mowers, motorcycles, and cars and are held in place by a threaded fastener. By removing a key, you can remove and modify other parts of your vehicle or replace a bad key to improve performance.